April 23, 2014

Why You Should Surround Yourself with People Who Are Better Than You

There is such a thing as “influence brought about by proximity.” In fact, it is considered as the main reason why children grow up to become more like their parents. The children become like the people who brought them up in this world. They become instilled with the same principles as their parents; they become invigorated by the same motivations; and they become inspired by the same ideals and dreams. Proximity can bring about influence, and it is for this reason that we are encouraged to surround ourselves with people who are better than us if we want to succeed in our endeavors.

You have to realize that some people will be good for you and therefore help you achieve greater things for yourself, but at the same time, there are also people who will be a bad influence for you, and you should know what to do about this.

These are the people that you should avoid:

People that bring stress to other people: Stress can be a great killer. It can kill energy. It can destroy motivation. It can kill dreams. There are people who bring stress to others, and these people are not good companions.

People who drain others. There are people who are fond of taking. They take and take from people without ever feeling the need to reciprocate. They take from people up to the point of draining them. They will not stop until they are able to get enough for themselves, so these kinds of people are not going to be good for you.

People who teach you to be complacent. Complacency is like a poison that will teach you to accept all things as they are and be content. Contentment is the death of all ambition and when you surround yourself with people who will teach you to be complacent all the time, you will not get anywhere.

It is important that you avoid these kinds of people and look for those who are better than you are. Like in a race, if you race with people who are slower than you are, you will run as you please because you do not have a speed to match with. However, if you race with someone faster than you, you will strive hard to match this person’s speed, even pushing against your own limit.

When you surround yourself with people who are better than you are, you can expect the following:

You will strive to compete and be like, if not better, than the people that you surround yourself with.

Their accomplishments will inspire you to aspire for greater things for yourself, as well.

They will be demanding of you. They will require to receive more input. They will push you to work more and achieve more.

Choose the people you work with. Surround yourself with people who will be good for you and not otherwise. This very important if you wish to achieve great success.

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